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Cock and Ball Torture – CBT Heather

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Im Mommy Heather and your right on time! I see your so excited to be controlled. Take off all your clothes. You will need box of q-tips and something to tie your ball up with! Thats it get it rock solid for your secret Mommy. Keep jerking! I was shopping with your wife today she told me all about how you and she just don’t spend that much time together anymore… I told you she could hang out with you and as long as you don’t have any sex. All that cum inside your balls Oh sweet misery. Now tie your balls up real tight with whatever you got. Yes let them balls hang helplessly as the excitement builds. Teasing you, Dening you, Making your cum build! Theres so much cum! But you do as I say, because you know there may be a pot of gold cum at the end of the rainbow… Oh god it turns me on watching you squrim my lil blue balled pet. Those balls so puffy and blue, poor wank slave. Look at the tip of your cock, is it wet? Yes Ohh yea baby! Now place your balls on a hard surface and hit them 10 times. Go on you must do it I rule your life, I know everything. Pick up the phone, dial the number and get on the phone with me! I want you to keep hitting your balls until the dispatcher gets you on the phone with me!

Mommy Phone Sex: MILF Sherry Is Hungry For Young Dick



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It’s early morning, and my husband just left for work, so you know what that means. Looking to fulfill your mommy phone sex fantasies, for a hot older woman, who loves young cock? I’m a horny, nasty mommy who needs more dick than my boring husband can provide. So why don’t you come on over and keep me company, after you finish mowing my lawn?

I’m watching you from my window on this hot summer day. You, with your shirt off, getting hot and sweaty as you move from one end of the yard, to the other. I can feel my panties getting wet just watching those muscles rippling as you do your yard work. By chance you happen to look up and catch me staring at you. I’ve got on a sexy, low cut halter dress that barely covers my ass, and a pair of strappy heels. You see me beckon you inside, as I move away from the window.

Making your way into the kitchen, you find me pouring a nice cold glass of iced tea. I smile as I hand you your refreshment, but you can tell from the glint in my eye, that the last thing on my mind is cold drinks. No, I’m thinking about your hot, hard body being pressed against mine, and I can tell from the growing bulge in your shorts, that you’re thinking about it too. You’d literally jump at the opportunity to take a hot married woman with an amazing body, and bend her right over the kitchen counter. And you know what? I’m thinking I’d let you.

Before you can put that glass down, I’ve dropped to my knees and started undoing your shorts. I can’t take anymore, I need that young cock now! You watch in shock, as I take your throbbing member into my warm, wet mouth, and start sucking and slurping, giving you the nastiest, sloppy blow job you’ve ever had in your life. But you and I both know it doesn’t stop there, this is only just the beginning of our naughty, cheating wife roleplay. I’ve got so much more in store for you, when you call me for MILF phone sex.

My Sons Young Friend – Mommy Satin


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My friend is talking to me. I hear her droning on about something I don’t care about, some shit about a PTA meeting. I nod my head occasionally, pretending to listen to her irrelevant rant… but my attention is devoted to something else.
His supple young body hypnotizes me. The sun beats down on him as he leans over my son’s car engine. My son knows nothing about cars, never sparked an interest. Luckily his friend does.
Dammit, this woman is still talking. Must keep up the act. I can’t let her know I only invited her over so I can watch her beautiful 19 year old son tweak that sad little vehicle in my driveway.
He comes out from under the hood, and wipes the sweat from his head. His damp brown hair intrigues me. I wonder what it would be like to tug it. He looks over toward me with those stunning green eyes. I should offer him a drink… no. No, let him sweat. His fingers curl under the bottom of his soaked shirt and he lifts it over his head, throwing it to the ground. My breath hitches, as I notice the smoothness of his chest, barely sporting any hair at all.
“Satin, are you listening to me?”
Shit. “Uh, yeah yeah. What would you like me to bring?”
“Bring the plates, I’ll take care of the napkins and such.”
“Sounds good. Say, uh, can I offer you something to drink, Sharon?”
“Sure, vodka on the rocks would be great.”
“No problem.”
She turns her head towards the boys and shouts in a VERY annoying voice, “Allen, Roy, do you want something to drink?!” They nod vigorously. “Alright, Allen go help Mrs. Sanders, she’s only got two hands!!”
The dripping wet little devil shuffles toward me and I crack a half smile. “Thank you, Allen. Follow me.” My voice is sultry, alluring.
“Yes, ma’am.” Oh my, so polite. Such a good boy…
I gently strut in front of him as we make our way to the kitchen. I can feel his eyes on me. I turn to look at him, and I see his eyes quickly dart from my ass to the wall next to him. Cheeky little bastard… I turn back around and smile.
When we get to the kitchen I make sure we are out of sight from nasally little Sharon. He leans onto my counter, staring at me. His chest heaving. He is so thirsty. I take a bottle of water out of the refrigerator and crack it open. I offer it to him, his mouth hangs open a bit, awaiting the relief. Quickly, I snatch it back and take a nice, long swig. His eyes shoot open, and he lets out a bit of a whimper. “Please, Mrs. Sanders…”
I smile, holding the ice cold water in my mouth. I crook my finger at him. He swallows and shakes his head. Disobedient. We can’t have that.
Instantly I make my way over to him and pin him to the counter, his mouth barely an inch from mine. He breathes harder now, his skin is so warm against my blouse. He looks at my mouth, knowing I have what he wants, and his tongue falls from his lips. He leans in and I grasp his face, tilting him back onto the counter. I hold him in place, putting my index finger in his soft, young mouth, prying it open. I let the water drip from my mouth to his, and he swallows vigorously.
“More?” I whisper.
“Please…” he barely squeaks. I can feel his cock getting hard against my leg. I am winning this game.
I retrieve the water bottle, and pour some lightly between his lips, some of it falling out of his mouth and dripping down his neck. I bring my mouth to his collarbone and slowly lick up his salty, tender flesh. When I reach his mouth, his cock is so hard I can tell he is in pain. His eyes are squeezed shut.
“Look at me,” I command. His eyes shoot open and they are glazed over. “Do you want me, Allen?”
He nods nervously.
“Touch me.” I back up a little, giving him a better view of my now swollen, heavy breasts, basically straining against my blouse. He lifts his shaky, innocent hand and places a single finger on my lips, rubbing back and forth. I part them and he slips his finger inside. He looks deep into my eyes as I suck on it. He puts his other hand on my breast and his legs almost give out from the sensation. Poor thing…
I walk over and place my hand on the small of his back, embracing him, bringing him closer to me. He takes his finger out of my mouth, and puts it inside his. His eyes roll to the back of his head as he tastes me.
“Oh, you naughty little thing,” I growl, “do I taste good?”
“Amazing.” His body is shaking. His cock is stabbing my inner thigh.
“Let’s see how you taste.” I claim his mouth, our tongues battling each other. Small, delicate moans escape his mouth, making me melt. My hands travel down his chest and into the front of his tight, strained jeans. I kiss down his neck, past the small patch of chest hair sprinkled on his beautiful chest. I run my tongue down his stomach as I undo his belt and pull down his zipper. I reach in, and without much effort his impressive cock springs free. He lets out a sigh of relief. I take his cock in my hand, and expertly start to jerk it up and down, tugging gently. His legs buck and contract, his hands grasping the counter to keep from falling.
“Watch me, Allen.”
His eyes bow to me, his chest rising and falling intensely. My eyes burn into him as I take him into my mouth. His cock instantly stiffens even further between my lips and he lets out a deep, guttural moan. I bob my head up and down his remarkable length. He places his hand on the back of my head and pushes me further down on him. Oh yes, there’s the bad boy I knew was in there.
He groans in pleasure as he hears me begin to lightly gag and choke on his cock, my eyes watering. “Oh, fuck, Mrs. Sanders.” He tugs my hair back and forth, using me to pleasure him. “I’m going to cum!”
I pull my mouth off him, and pull my blouse open. My breasts become exposed, my nipples standing at complete attention. “Cum on them, Allen.”
He grasps his cock and starts to jerk himself over my eager body. He lets out a long, deep, beautiful moan as he drains his hot, sticky cum all over my large, freckled breasts.
I start to stand up, but he stops me. He leans down and takes me by surprise as he licks his cum off my breasts, cleaning them off. Incredible.
“Mmm, such a good boy.” I grasp the hair on the back of his head and pull, forcing him to look up at me. I press his mouth to mine again, tasting the sweet cum on his lips. His hand travels down my stomach, and then my thigh. He slips his antsy little fingers up my skirt and gasps as he realizes I am not wearing underwear, and how dripping wet I am. He slips two fingers inside me, leaving out his thumb to circle my clit. He isn’t slow, he fingers me furiously. I lean back and sit on my bottom, spreading my legs for him. He sits on his knees and repositions his hand, so his palm is rubbing my very swollen, eager clit. I can feel his fingers curve upward inside me. He leans down and takes my hard, pained nipple into his mouth. My legs start to shake with pleasure. “Shit… Allen, fuck!” I cum hard around his hand, my pussy pulsating forcefully. I start to moan loudly, but then he pulls his fingers from my pussy, shoving them in my mouth, muffling me. “Mmm,” I suck them dry as he watches, drooling.
We both lean back and stare at each other, breathing heavily. “We should get back, Mrs. Sanders.” He’s right.
We gather ourselves, I assemble the drinks, and we head outside. Allen goes back to my son’s vehicle, handing him a bottle of water. I sit down with Sharon again, sipping my gin and tonic. Allen turns and glances at me. He still has a raging hard on. He knows I can see it, and smiles. I wink at him and take another sip of my drink.

My First Time With my Son – Mommy Lisa


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It has been a very different summer this year. My 20-year-old son Joe is here for the summer for the summer, following his second year of college. He has been spending summers with his father since our divorce 5 years ago. In May when Joe asked if could spend the summer with me, he explained he has worked during his summer with his dad, the firm he had been working at was going through cutbacks and there was nothing available this summer. He had hooked up with an old high school buddy whose father offered him a job here in our town. Of course I said sure and he showed after spring semester.
At first the homecoming was really great, but after a couple of weeks, I realized that Joe being here had greatly cramped my life as I was used to coming and going as I pleased with absolutely no limitations. While I am certainly no slut, I had enjoyed having friends over. I love to cook and have a friend over for an intimate dinner, especially the female variety to entertain and if things went well…
I also noticed Joe had a very limited social life. He was going to work and coming home and going to his room, saying he didn’t want to go out, as he needed to save money. This seemed unusual, as he had never been home when he was here before. When I mentioned this to him, he said he had a girl back at college and was missing her sorely as she was spending her summer in the Amazon.
After about 3 weeks, I grilled some steaks, made a salad and sat down for dinner. After dinner, Joe went in to do the dishes while I sat outside and relaxed with a glass of wine and a cigarette just enjoying the balmy evening. Joe came out and said he was going upstairs to play games on his computer. I mentioned he wasn’t having much of a summer, only working and playing games. He said he was okay with it and off he went.
As I sipped my wine and lit another cigarette I knew something was wrong and decided to go up and talk to him.
I went into the house and went upstairs. I was walking past his room, heading for the bathroom, and stopped dead in my tracks. Sitting in front of his computer screen, there were was a woman and a young man in a very hot embrace; leaving little doubt as to where this was going. Joe’s pants were down around his ankles, a bottle of lube on the table beside him, although his back was to me, my son Joe was playing with himself while watching porn. He was so into it, that he hadn’t even noticed me as I resumed walking to the bathroom. I had to steady myself, as I was literally shocked beyond belief. I sat there for ten minutes, dazed and dumbfounded. I looked in the dirty clothes hamper and noticed my panties I had been wearing all day were missing. I got up, walked into my bedroom, lit a cigarette and sat there. This really couldn’t be happening?
When I got up to go back outside, I realized my panties were soaked to the point that I was worried about leaking. Joe’s door was closed and I went back downstairs, went outside and just sat there, still stunned. The more I sat there smoking and sipping wine, I realized I was very turned on and needed some relief. I went back upstairs, and under the guise of taking a shower, turned on the water, grabbed my silver bullet, hopped into the shower and began fucking myself silly. After only about 2 minutes, I had a mind shattering orgasm, completely draining me.
I got out of the shower, dried myself off and sat in my bedroom chair, still amazed over the events of the last hour. I was seeing images of my son jacking himself off as I was masturbating. What is wrong with me? He’s 20 years old and twenty year olds have been known to masturbate. I crawled into bed and was soon fast asleep.
The next morning when I got up, Joe was already gone to work. I went into the bathroom, and my dirty panties were back. I picked them up and sniffed and saw some traces of white streaks and knew there was more than my aroma on them. I spent all morning alternating between sitting and pacing aimlessly, smoking even more than usual, and not knowing exactly what to do.
Suddenly, as if a trance, I was half running up the stairs, headed for Joe’s room. I turned on his computer, hoping he had not erased his history. He hadn’t. It went back three days and he has visited nothing but incest sites, cigarette smoking MILFs, and jerkoff instruction. His favorite seemed to be a site where mothers were smoking and jerking their sons. I turned off his computer; got up to go back downstairs, and realized that was again my pussy juices were soaking my underwear. I ran back down to bedroom, got out my biggest dildo and silver bullet and began fucking myself with my dildo and running the bullet over my clit. Again, the urgency to cum overtook me almost immediately and I had another huge, mind shattering orgasm. Sitting there smoking my post orgasm cigarette, I realized that once again I was imagining it was my son’s cock and not a dildo when I was masturbating.
I took another shower and headed to the gym and had an extra strenuous workout hoping to tire myself out, but to no avail. I knew then and there I had to something about this and masturbation was not the answer. I considered calling a friend for some fun this evening, or heading down to my favorite bar, but knew I would be lousy company, as I was obsessed with wanting my son. Here I was, a 44 year old woman, in very good shape and have been told I am very attractive, no matter my age, who could think of nothing but seducing my son. I stopped at the store on my way home, bought some pre-cooked ribs and coleslaw for dinner (Joe’s favorite.) Joe was already home, sitting on the patio reading. I threw the ribs in the microwave, poured a glass of wine, lit a cigarette and sat down on my kitchen stool, trying to calm down. I took the ribs and slaw out to the patio and we ate dinner. I thought he would hear my heart pounding. We engaged in small talk, and I wondered if he would see me flushed and tongue tied.
After dinner, Joe said he was going upstairs to play. As soon as he got upstairs, I poured myself a large shot of brandy. I took off my pants and bra I soon followed him upstairs with my cigarettes and an ashtray, dressed in only my sheer white blouse and yellow thong. His door was open, the same video was on as last night and I walked into his room and sat down. He was shocked. He had been playing with himself and caught red handed.
“Go ahead. Don’t mind me, I want to watch,” I stated.
“Oh mom, I’m so sorry.”
“Don’t worry honey. I just want to watch. Go ahead and take that big cock in your hand and jerk it,” I replied.
“I don’t know if I can. I’m feeling distracted,” he said.
“Well lets see if this helps” as I unbuttoned my blouse and dropped my bra, baring my 36Ds, with pencil eraser nipples.
“C’mon baby, jack that cock for me”
I could see his dick hardening as he slid his hand up and down his slippery shaft.
“Cum for mommy.” I slipped my hand into my soaked pussy and began tweaking my clit. With my other hand I lit a cigarette, blew the smoke toward his cock.
“Oh God mom. You are so fucking hot.”
“Keep jacking for your hot mom. Cum for me baby.” I was so wet my fingers were sloshing in my hot pussy.
“Stroke it baby, jerk that dick. Fuck your hand Show me baby. Show me how turned on you are.”
“Oh mom, oh shit, I’m gonna cum.”
“That’s it baby. Cum for mommy, shoot that big load for me.”
“Get closer mom. I wanna cum on your tits. Pleeeeze.”
I moved over shoved my tits together right in front of his hot dick. “Come on mommy’s tits baby. Cum for me.”
A large rope of semen squirted all over my tits, splashing up into my face, followed by 5 more squirts until he was spent. I was furiously fingering myself, and as I rubbed my thumb on my clit, I too began to cum, crying out, as waves of orgasmic bliss overtook me.
We sat there, both spent, just looking at each other. I lit another cigarette, trying to regroup, knowing the night was young.
“Jeez mom, that was amazing.”
“It sure was honey,” as I started licking the cum off my tits, savoring every drop.
“Oh mom, this so hot. Lapping up my cum and smoking a cigarette,” he replied.
“Mom, will we ever do anything like this again?” he asked.
I grabbed him by the hand and led him to my bedroom. He then took me in his arms and started kissing me. His tongue slipped into my mouth and we played dueling tongues while he pinched first n nipple, then the other. Meanwhile, my hand was cupping his balls and I could feel his cock stirring in anticipation of round two.
“Baby lay down on the bed. I want to jack you off this time,” I told him.
“Get that thing hard for mommy. Mommy wants to make you come.” I reached over, grabbed some lube and poured in on his now almost fully erect manhood. “Let get that fucker good and hard and mommy will make you come on her tits again.”
‘Oh God mom, that feels so good. Please don’t stop”
“I won’t stop honey. Reach in the drawer next to you and hand me my vibrator. Mommy wants to come too”
He reached over and handed me the vibe. With one hand jacking my son’s cock, I turned it on high, reached down and started to ease into my pussy. My son pushed my hand aside, and slammed it all the way in. I hardly noticed, as I was so obsessed with my son’s dick and wanting to see him cum again.
“How does that feel,” I asked?
“Faster mom, shit, I’m going to cum again.” I could feel my vibrator in my dripping cunt as I continued working his tool.
“How is this baby, fuck my hand. Cum for me,” as I felt him getting ready to squirt his semen all over.
“Now mom, now”
Jacking with my right hand, I started rubbing the head of his cock with my left. “Cum baby, cum now.”
“Oh fuck, oh fuck!” My son let out a loud moan, almost a shriek, he began to writhe, as I felt his man juice spurt all over my hands. I milked and milked as if I thought he would never cum again. He laid still, and I took the vibe out of my cunt and with my son’s slippery semen all over my hand, rubbed the vibrator over my clit for about 30 seconds before I came, moaning and crying, wanting this night to ever end.
I lit a cigarette and licked my hand free of all juices, wondering how far this was going? I felt exhaustion closing in and decided spontaneity would work just fine.
We fell asleep in each other’s arms, totally spent and exhausted.

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Daddies First Touch – Teen Sasha

I remember the excitement I felt. Being eighteen, it was going to be my first real date with an older guy. It was to be a date where my parents or his wouldn’t be driving us to our destination. It was to be a date where we wouldn’t have to hide under the bleachers of the football field to have sex. It was to be a date where I wouldn’t have to worry about getting pregnant thanks to the birth control patch on my right hip. It was to be a date with a real man with a real career, a real nice car and an apartment of his own.
At school I was often referred to as a slut. The term was demeaning and it hurt to hear it sometimes but I had grown to accept it. After all I did enjoy sex, a lot. I also know how attractive I am, my friends and boyfriends always told me I look like a petite Miranda Kerr. I love to flaunt my body with sexy skimpy clothes because I love the attention it gets me. For this date I bought a hot new tight white mini skirt that was low on the hips and short on my legs. I have a small ass and relatively narrow hips so the skirt fit perfectly without riding up in the back. It was such that there was a hint of the very top and very bottom of my small tight butt cheeks. My black G-string was visible through the material and above the waist band of the skirt. I matched it with a tight white tank top and a lightweight mid-waist pale pink cardigan. I had my manicure and pedicure done in pink to match the cardigan. I didn’t were a bra, my boobs are small and firm enough that I didn’t need one, but also I enjoyed knowing that men could see them through the white shirt. Actually another reason I went braless was because my boobs were a bit swollen and tender from the birth control which made my normal sized bra’s uncomfortable. I tried to go with simple accessories to keep the attention on my body and face. Sparkly white gold earrings set with a dozen tiny diamonds with a matching ring I wore on my right ring finger to help draw his attention to the exposed patch on my hip. My pretty high heeled sandals were a color called Silver Snow and they matched perfectly with the jewelry I sported. I carried a small white coach clutch bag with only the basics to touch up my makeup, a smoky dark eye to make my big pretty blues standout combined with blush and lipstick to match the cardigan. I left my long brunette hair natural looking, but that’s not to mean I didn’t spend hours getting it to look exactly how I wanted.
When I looked at the clock I was ready a half hour early. That was rare of me to be ready early and I chalked it up to my excitement. I walked down to the kitchen to get a water bottle from the fridge (Proper hydration is the most important thing for maintaining smooth clear skin) and my dad was sitting in there looking over the manual for the new microwave we got. The light from the setting sun was bursting through the window illuminating me like a spotlight as I entered. I could feel my dad’s eyes on me the instant the warmth of the sun light washed over me. I knew my dad was a pervert, he never objected to my skimpy outfits like most dads would and I constantly caught him looking at my body in ways that no father should. Sometimes he wouldn’t even bother to avert his eyes when I caught him.
It’s hard for me to explain the feelings I have with regards to my father’s attraction to me. I tried, for the most part, to ignore it. After all he was a good father; he made sure I did well in school and he patiently taught me how to drive. He was always there when I needed him weather it was calming me after a nightmare as a kid, or as a teenager picking me up from an out of control party at 3 in the morning when he had to be up to go to the gym before work at 5. He did it all without complaint, so I loved him dearly. Though sometimes he was so blatant with the way he stared at me and smirked that it did make me feel a little weird and uncomfortable. Though in all honesty there was a part of me that was flattered to get such attention from my own father and without a doubt it made me feel pretty and confident in my appearance. It also made me feel dirty in a good way and a bad way. Dirty because my ignorance of it was his enabler and I never once voiced my discomfort. Dirty because I let him look at me and it exhilarated me to be such a sexual freak. Dirty because it made me feel like the slut everyone said I was. It was all a big confused mess in my head and I couldn’t be sure if I liked it, disliked it or both.
“What’s that sticker on you for?” His tone was mildly sarcastic and a sly smile was plastered on his rugged handsome face.
He obviously knew what it was since he’d seen them on me for the past couple months but he wanted to hear me say it. My response was a sigh and silence as I leaned against the kitchen sink drinking my water.
I was looking up and off to the side at nothing in particular letting my dad drink in the sight of me when he spoke again after a minute or two, “It’s interesting how you chose to show it off in such a manner…” I looked to him. His eyes were fixed on my hips and an expression of mild distaste on his face, “As if it’s an advertisement.”
“You don’t like it there?” My voice was soft and meeker than I intended.
Dad twisted his mouth and shrugged his shoulders. “I didn’t say that. It’s actually quite sexy.” He Smiled. “It’s just that I always found it more exciting when there was some level of risk involved.”
He was being exceptionally outgoing with his choice of conversation and I was taken aback by it a little bit. I’m sure it was obvious to him that I was a very sexually active young woman, though this was the first time he ever spoke of it so nonchalantly and bluntly. It was also the first time he used the word “sexy” to describe me. I tried to ignore the tingles it gave me down below.
“Yeah well I’d rather not get pregnant this young like you and mom did.” I realized I sounded very nasty, more so than I wanted. Perhaps an inadvertent defense to the way he was making me feel.
Dad chuckled and took it in stride, “I never regretted having you. You know that. Hmph, You’re the single most amazing thing in my life…” His eyes followed the curves of my body all the way down to my sexy heeled sandals, then slowly back up to meet my eyes. I know that he knew that I knew what he was thinking and it made him grin with pleasure that I allowed it. “And I suppose my ahh… my other feelings for you, probably aren’t a secret any more. Are they?”
I felt my face flush and my blood begin to course through my veins like a freight train. I didn’t know what to say. I never thought he would ever admit it so openly to me. This changed everything. The whole dynamic between us would be different because, if I let him look at me not, it was no longer an innocent tease but rather an open invitation. I was always disgusted with myself when I found pleasure in his gaze, it was always such a mixed up batch of emotions I almost couldn’t handle it. But now! Out of nowhere it was all out in the open. It felt so much more real I thought I might faint from the dizzying whirl of motley feelings. Without a word I turned and looked out the window. My mother was sunbathing in her bikini over by the pool. The sun a deep orange now half hidden behind the tall pine trees at the back of our yard and the sky was all shades of pink, blue and orange with little wisps of white clouds here and there. It was beautiful and serene. It distracted and calmed me for the moment.
Dad kept at it, not so subtly dancing around the bush. “Let tell you how I would want it to go if I were this boy toy you’re going to go out with tonight.”
Finally I found the courage to speak but I still had my back to him and I was still looking out the window, “You know what dad? I don’t think I want to hear it! Actually this conversation is really beginning to gross me out!” I sounded serious and slightly pissed off.
He came back so quickly and with a slightly raised voice it seemed aggressive, “Then why are you still standing there?”
Dad was right, I was still standing there, and consciously bent over the sink just enough so that he could see right up my skirt. My previous statement was only a partial truth since there was also an excitement building inside me from the freaky nature of dad’s attraction to me. Instinctively I apologized, for what I wasn’t sure, “You’re right daddy. I’m sorry.” It was more an act of submission on my part I think, and the simple act of that apology thrilled me to no end. I grew moist between my legs and my heart fluttered with all those ‘dirty’ feelings as adrenaline spurred me on to new territory. Softly I asked, “So how would you want it to go if it were you?”
I heard him get up out of his chair and push it in as he spoke briefly and bluntly about his fantasy. “I would want you to withhold any information about birth control until after I dropped my load in that tight little bald cunny of yours. Do you shave it that smooth or do you have it waxed?”
I honestly didn’t realize he could see that much and I wanted to reach back and pull down my skirt but I knew how much he liked what I was doing, so I didn’t. I liked knowing that he was happy with me, a child’s urge to please their parents I suppose, as creepy and perverted as it was. I was in awe of the way he was speaking to me, so dominant, direct, and uninhibited. It made me feel an odd blend of both arousal and disgust that made me continue with youthful curiosity. “Waxed,” I answered. “What if he asks me if I’m birth control?”
Dad was truthful as I heard him slowly step toward me, “Well, then he is a much different man than me. Be honest but don’t freely give away information. Mystery is a great aphrodisiac.”
Without warning I felt his warm uninvited touch, his right hand cupped my ass cheek and his left wrapped around my thigh right where it met my hip. It startled me and I jerked around to face him. Almost yelling I asked, “What are you doing?” I knew exactly what he was doing, but even after our sexually charged little conversation it came as a surprise.
“Sshhh!! We wouldn’t want your mother to hear.” His voice was soothing yet powerful as he gripped my shoulders and pushed me over the sink. He was not a huge guy but he was significantly stronger than me. I resisted him enough to let him know I didn’t want to do it but not nearly with all my strength.
“Dad no,” I pleaded barely above a whisper obeying his command to be quiet as I tried to push myself away from the counter. It was barely enough to bump him back an inch or so and I felt my butt cheeks spread around the erection bulge in his pants. I realized that my weak struggles were only enticing him. He knew I wasn’t resisting with all my power.
“Stop,” he whispered as he pinned me against the counter the stainless steel sink in my face. “Don’t move.”
He backed off a bit so he could unbuckle his belt. Like a good daughter I did as I was told and held perfectly still as he undid his pants and let them drop to the floor. My heart was pounding as my breath became deep and ragged. I had never had a guy be so forceful and dominant as my father was right then and it was a side of him that I was seeing for the first time. My mind said ‘NO’ but my body betrayed it as my pussy tingled with intense arousal and I felt an unusual yearning deep in my tummy. I realized then that there was no stopping this, my own father was about to rape me, and I was going to let him. Perhaps then that wouldn’t be rape, if I let him, would it? I admit, part of me wanted it, but in my mind I knew it was wrong and gross. Yet maybe it was the wrongness and grossness that helped bring me to such an abnormally high state of arousal. Up to this point I had fucked 7 different guys a total of a dozen times between all 7 and I had never been as sexually turned on as I was right then.
I felt my father’s thick cock slowly glide over the crack of my ass while his hands bunched up my skirt at the small of my back. “Do you realize what you’ve done to me”, he groaned with dominance, more a statement than a question. His right hand slid up my shirt and squeezed my tit as his left explored my narrow waist. I felt my sex respond with increased moisture from his rough manly hands groping and exploring my body. Somehow my cardigan was no longer on my body and I felt my shirt being tugged over my head. I did not resist. “All these years of teasing me,” He went on. “You knew what you were doing you little slut! Now it’s time you get what you deserve.”
My arousal was so potent I could smell myself and I was sure he could smell me too. Dad’s right hand found my sopping wet pussy. “Ahh fuck yeah,” he whispered. “You’re fuckin dripping! You fuckin love what I’m doing to you don’t you?”
I was silent, trying only to gain some control of my breathing. I had become afraid too. I felt like my dad was right. I knew what I had been doing all those years, but I never expected it would come to this. I suppose I should have known. Maybe if I had seen this aggressive sexual side of him in some other way I may have stopped teasing him. Yet as my mind lingered on his question, I found myself wondering if this would have happened sooner had I known about this carnal personality of his. His dominant aggression and my fear of it only seemed to be intensifying my erotic excitement.
Dad’s hands left my body as he removed his shirt. Suddenly he yanked me up by my hair. My back pressed against his solid stomach and the nape of my neck arched over his right sparsely haired pectoral muscle. His hard shaft nestled firmly between the top of my butt cheeks while the mushroom cap poked into the small of my back. He lowered his head so our faces were next to each other with his prickly stubble brushing lightly against my smooth cheek. He whispered with breath scented of the mango he must have just eaten and a firm commanding grip on my hair. “I asked you a question. Do you like what I’m doing to you?” His tone implied that he was going to be in control of me.
“Yes,” was the word that flew from my mouth without a single thought and it wasn’t untrue. Simultaneously I gave in to it all, excited, afraid, aroused and willing yet unwilling. I let my body go limp in his arms and let all my minty breath escape my lungs in one big sigh. He grinned at my submission. His left hand cupped my pussy and pulled me tight against him while his right released its grip on my hair and petted me like I was his kitty cat purring in his ear. “That’s my good girl.” His fingers probed at my clit as he continued, “You look scared. Didn’t know daddy could get like this did you?”
“No,” I responded barely audible through my heavy breathing. I wiggled my ass against his dick and added, “…but it’s so hot.”
I felt his tongue slither slowly from my shoulder all the way up my neck before he nibbled gently on my earlobe. I cooed with a soft high-pitched moan. I reached back with my left hand and lightly brushed my pink nails over his bald shaven head. He was handsome and stern and 16 years my elder. He went to the gym 5 days a week with his wife, my mother, and had a lean muscular body to show for it. His genitals felt neatly groomed against the skin on my ass. I always knew he was an attractive man, but now I was seeing it with new wanton eyes as I unleashed the chains of my inhabitions.
Abruptly, dad pushed me so I was bent over the sink again. With haste he pulled my skirt and G-string down till they fell to the floor. I kicked them off across the kitchen. We were both naked and vulnerable. I feared my mother walking in because it would be difficult to pick up all our clothes and hide before she saw us. I felt the tip of dads dick spread my smooth wet lips before he commented, “I’ve never fucked such a smooth hairless pussy before. Between that and your tiny size, Mmm, you look so much younger than you are.”
“Sorry,” I muttered unsure if he was unhappy about it.
“Don’t be, I think you’re so fucking sexy,” he stated as he pressed his dick into me a little bit. I groaned as my pussy stretched to accommodate his girth. “Is this what you want?” His voice was gruff with pleasure as half his cock was now in me.
“Yes!” I moaned.
He asked almost growling, “Yes who?”
“Yes daddy!” My answer came to me without thought.
“That’s my good girl. I want to hear you tell daddy what you want.” The command came as he was buried fully inside me. He was large more girth than length, yet still it seemed almost too large for me to handle.
This time I thought briefly about what he was asking and I responded aptly and with a soft submissive tone. “I want you to fuck me daddy, whenever you want. I want you to treat me like the slut that I am. I want to feel your dick shooting cum deep inside me.” His cock had begun to move in and out of me, slowly and deliberately while he groaned his enjoyment. Surprised with my own words I wondered if I really did want those things. For that very moment, with the way I felt, my words were all truth. I continued with more passion and conviction in my voice, “I want to be your fuck toy, your cum dumpster. You can do anything you want to me, daddy. I’m yours.”
“Oh Fuck YES!” He groaned almost too loud. With his cock buried balls deep in me, he pushed on the small of my back with his left hand and pulled me from just under my chin with his right until my head rested on his shoulder. He held me in this mildly awkward position with my feet clear off the ground. The base of my flat firm tummy rested on the edge of the counter and his lips met my neck. He pumped his cock once and I felt it, expertly he had a direct hit on my elusive g-spot. He began to thrust into me in earnest. I found myself grunting uncontrollably with each thrust and a lascivious guttural pleasure quickly building from somewhere deep in my gut. Dad was grunting into my neck as he sucked the erogenous area of skin into his mouth.
In a moments time the pleasure overwhelmed me and I had my first internal orgasm. It was incredible yet insatiable. With each pulse of pleasure a short stream of piss burst from me unrestrained. Wetness cascaded down my legs while unearthly groans escaped my lips. My father cupped his hand over my mouth to muffle the noise as my pussy clamped up around his cock with a mind of its own seemingly tugging it deeper into me. The sensation spread from deep inside me to eventually encompass my whole body. This feeling of explosive orgasmic ecstasy made me giddy and giggly. It was new to me and much different than any other orgasm I’ve had before. Then I felt it fading, subsiding back from where it came. “More,” my voice was scruffy and horse, halfway between moan and audible speech. I begged him, “Please more! Please!” Daddy never stopped and just as the first orgasm ended I felt another one brewing. It took hold of my senses faster than I expected and quickly overpowered me. Luckily dad held me firmly in position as he thrust his cock into my contracting pussy otherwise I would surely have fallen. Those blissful contractions combined with a glorious loss of control loosened my bladder once more as little spurts of piss washed down my legs each time my body tensed. Never had I orgasm so powerfully that I lost control of my bladder like this. It was oddly liberating, but had it happened with a guy I did not know as well as dad, embarrassment would have engrossed me. As my second orgasm came to an end and my convulsions dwindled I suddenly felt light headed and deathly out of breath. I realized I had been holding my breath since I begged daddy for more orgasm.
Limp, weak and struggling not to pass out daddy picked me up and laid me on the small oak kitchen table face up with my butt hanging off the edge. The microwave manual fell to the floor landing in the puddle I left behind. I felt a cool breeze wash over me tightening my nipples. I briefly looked at the AC vent on the ceiling praising it for bathing me in cool fresh air. Daddy held me by my rump and hips as he guided his cock back into me. My thin legs dangled off to the sides as if floating in midair and they seemed so small and soft next to daddy’s hard muscled arms. Daddy’s strokes were slower now and longer. He retracted till his cock was all the way out and then slowly pressed back in till his heavy balls met my ass. I didn’t feel it on my g-spot anymore and I realized daddy was now in it for himself. I smiled at him knowingly.
“I want to look into those gorgeous blue eyes of yours when I cum, baby,” His voice full of lustful passion. I spread my legs wide to the sides with my knees bent and close to my ribs. Momentarily I admired my own sexy feet hanging in the air, clad in shimmery sliver straps, a heavy four inch heel and little pink tipped toes as they bounced each time our groins met. “You’re so fucking hot,” daddy blurted out as his stroke slowed even more his voice high and frenzied. I could sense he was very close to cumming. Then he stopped completely with his cock submerged all the way inside my body. He groaned and grunted as his hands roamed my body savoring every curve. Rough strong hands glided sensually around my thighs, over my hips, up my waist. I could feel his cock throbbing and twitching inside me and for a moment I thought he was cumming, but no, he was only trying to prolong it holding absolutely still at his hips. With the back of his hand he caressed my firm flat stomach then he reached higher to gently squeeze my tits and roll my nipples in his fingers. Then higher still and he was leaning over me now. A hand came up my neck and then cupped my cheek delicately. The other combed through my hair. I too reached out and touched his hard chiseled chest sparsely coated with hair. I slipped my hands slowly down his washboard stomach with its dark trail of hair running down the middle to meet the patch of neatly trimmed fur above his cock. Our eyes locked onto one another’s.
His hips retracted, his cock slipped out and back in gracefully, then again and a third time before he held still once more groaning. I understood he was adeptly holding himself on the edge of orgasm. His experience and depth of sexual skills made me recognize what I had been missing out on with those 7 high school boys. No doubt I enjoyed the 12 times I had sex before this, but this experience would spoil me and permanently raise the bar of my expectations. Then to have this experience with my own father made me feel like a true sexual freak. I became aware that Incest was more than just kinky sex. It was a thrill and exhilaration of crossing taboo boundaries with someone you loved more than any stranger. The feeling of defying laws and social stigmas was liberating and exciting to no end. As I pondered this with daddy above me, loving me, squeezing me, caressing me and fucking me with his big cock I found myself wishing I had never started the birth control. Daddy was right yet again, this would have been ten times more electrifying with the risk of pregnancy. And what a dirty little slut that would make me. Having sex with 7 different guys in high school hardly qualified me as a slut, yet somehow I developed that reputation. Maybe it was because I always fucked on the first date, maybe it was my lewd style of dress, my open enjoyment of sex or a combination of the three, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that I grew to accept and enjoy that label.
I felt a sudden ache of emotion in my chest, a powerful love for daddy and an urge to express it. “I love you so much, daddy! I love feeling like a dirty little slut!”
He ground his teeth together as he groaned with a few more strokes before he spoke, “Oh fuck yes! I love you too more than you know… Mmm… and I love how you grew up to be a dirty slut. You’re such an obedient little whore too.”
He drove his cock into me a couple more times as I expressed my willingness to please him, “I’ll do anything you want daddy, AN-Y-THING!”
A few more thrusts, harder faster ones than before, yet still he did not cum but held still with his cock deep inside me wildly jerking and pulsing, expressing its desire for release denied by the man who maintained full control of his body. I was both surprised and eagerly excited by what he asked of me next. “That’s my good little slut,” He said gently slapping my cheek. “I want you to stop that fucking birth control. That shit is no good for you!” Another thrust with his cock and he continued, “Too many side effects. Once you’re off that shit, I want you to seduce and fuck all my close friends, maybe some of my coworkers too if you want. Like a hot new car, I want to show you off and let them all take you for a ride.” Two more thrusts and I could tell he was beginning to lose his will to hold back. “But they can’t find out about us, no one can. This needs to remain a secret. You’ll be my secret slut daughter who fucks her daddy while she tells him all the dirty ways she satisfied his friends.”
“Yes! Yes! That’s so hot!” I was ecstatic with his idea and apparently so was he. He began his slow retractions and insertions again except this time he did not stop. One, two, three, four long slow strokes in and his face twisted as a high moan escaped his mouth. I could feel his cock swell even thicker and I said, “Yes daddy! Give it to me! Cum in me! Please! Cum deep inside me! I want to feel it!” Then he buried it and with short deep irregular humps I felt his dick jerking fiercely within me as it bathed my insides with warmth. I reached up and kissed him, deep and passionate while his cock continued to inject me with warm cum. His cum spewed for what seemed like an eternity and our kiss didn’t break until his cock was too limp to stay inside me. Without words I stepped off the table and dropped to my knees before him and took his semi flaccid slimy dick into my warm inviting mouth. My right hand began playing with my pussy, smearing the oozing cream pie all over my clit, legs and tummy while my left hand softly massaged daddy’s gentiles. Admittedly the taste was nothing I enjoyed, but rather it was the action of what I was doing that enticed me.
The sound startled us both and my eyes flicked to the clock, 8 p.m. My date was right on time. Daddy leaned back to glance out the window as I stood with utter haste. “Shit! Mom is getting up!” Dad moved with a speed I didn’t know he had and within a couple seconds he was dressed while I chaotically paced and randomly picked up some of my clothes. He recognized that my mind was clouded by fear and adrenaline and quickly instructed me, “Just grab you clothes and RUN to your room. I’ll handle the rest.”
In a blur I was in my room breathlessly trying to dress myself. Cum was still dripping out of me and my legs were sticky with a variety of bodily fluids. There was no way I could go out without a shower. But more importantly I no longer wanted to go out with my date. Finally I gave up trying to get those tight skimpy cloths onto my sticky sweaty body. I just through a bathrobe around myself and sat on the bed unsure of what to expect next. Suddenly I felt guilty, my mother, how could I do this to her. If she finds out…
There was a soft knock at the door, “It’s me,” daddy called out softly.
“Come in,” my voice was shaky and I knew my nervousness was all too visible.
Dad walked in and gently closed the door behind him. He put his hands on my shoulders and spoke with a calm that soothed and relaxed me, “Relax! Mom doesn’t suspect a thing. I managed to spray some air freshener in the kitchen before she walked in. When she saw me cleaning the floor I told her I had spilled some water. I made sure she saw the empty water bottle you left on the counter. She’s down there flirting with your date as we speak, flaunting her half naked body.”
I expressed a bit of embarrassment as I lowered my eyes and twisted my mouth. “Yeah, sorry I peed all over the place. That’s never happened before.”
Dad chuckled and said, “That wasn’t urine and I’m glad it happened. That means you must have really enjoyed it.”
I twisted my mouth and glared at him in confusion, “It certainly felt like piss.”
“It wasn’t, trust me. You squirted it’s called female ejaculation. Google it.”
‘Google it’ was my father’s answer to everything when someone didn’t believe him, so I took his word for it. “I really don’t feel like going out with my date anymore and I can’t go down there like this.” Though I felt calmer my voice was still shaky.
“Don’t worry I’ll take care of it. We should lie low until you’re off that patch and we need to act as normal as possible around your mother. Understand?” I nodded and he continued, “After your next period and you’re done with that patch let me know. It will give us some time to figure out when it’s safe to have fun together. Until then don’t be offended if I act like this never happened. If moms not around we can talk about it but we need to keep out junk in our pants until we have a solid plan.”
“Good girl,” he said with a warm smile. He gave me a soft kiss and said, “We’ll talk another time, I love you baby girl.”
“I love you too daddy,” I answered softly before he walked out. My mind was calm but my body still trembled with adrenaline. I lay back on my soft bed and my left fingers wandered to my clit sticky and moist while my right found the g-spot that daddy had introduced to me. I pleasured myself dreaming of the future. I made myself squirt and when my orgasm finished I smelled and tasted the liquid that splashed my hand. ‘Daddy is always right,’ I thought to myself as exhaustion took over and sleep enveloped me, with my confusion laid to rest and my desires in full view.
Sunday morning I woke up very early since I had fallen asleep so early the night before. The first light of dawn dimly lit my room, making the pinks and baby blue hues a wash of grey. It felt like a dream, half faded and obscured by the rush of fear that followed the incestuous events. But when I lifted the sheets off my body, the smell that drifted up from my pussy made it all a reality. It was the smell of daddy’s cum rotting inside me. It was the smell of my bed, still damp with my juices. All the memories of the previous evening came rushing into my head. I remembered the feelings too, both physical and emotional. The forceful way that daddy took me and the arousal that it sparked inside me. I enjoy being in control over everything in my life like my school grades, my lifestyle, my diet, my appearance to some extent, my friends and boyfriends. Up until last night I thought I had control of daddy too. I knew what outfits drew his attention. I knew how to get money out of him. He spoiled me, and I controlled it. Then he ripped that control from me. It was breathtaking and exhilarating to relent to his whim. It was also humiliating and demeaning, though part of me wondered if that only added to my arousal.
“Does humiliation turn me on or the loss of control?” I wondered in a whisper to myself as I pondered the previous evening. Perhaps it was the purely perverse nature of it all that made me hot. “The incest? No… it’s all of those things.” My hand roamed over the damp spot on my bed as I sat up naked and sticky with yesterday’s sweat. There was a small circular crusty spot where my crotch had been. I’m going to have to wash my sheets today, I thought as I stared at the spot which I could only think to be some of daddy’s cum. My thoughts wandered from one topic to the next. He wants me to stop the birth control and fuck his friends. What if I get pregnant? Do I really want a baby? Having his baby, daddy’s baby… Yeah… That would be hot. Risky, reckless and stupid yet still sooo hot… in a perverse way. Wow! I suppose I am officially a pervert now. I might become a mother one day soon too. A mother… shit… MOM!
Guilt overwhelmed me and I began to cry. I love my mother and I suddenly felt terrible about what I had done to her. Why didn’t I think of her while daddy was seducing me, while I was bending over the kitchen counter flashing him my pussy. I could see her out the window but… I cried for a few minutes, but I had to pee really badly, so I gathered myself up. I wrapped myself in my bathrobe, a long pale pink fleece that was so warm and soft and fluffy. It instantly comforted me as I tied the fabric round my body. I let out a sigh, turned on the lights and went to the mirror to dry my eyes. I looked like a train wreck. My hair was scraggly and my makeup smeared and running down my face. Finally I quickly picked out something to wear for the day, a pair of light blue denim shorts and a simple black tank top, and then I made my way to the bathroom across the hall. I peed and left my clothing on the counter while I went down to the kitchen to grab a bottle of water. I could smell the eggs cooking as I descended the stairs. I wasn’t surprised, daddy was always up early. Although I hesitated walking into the kitchen, I knew I should tell daddy how I felt about mom.
The dimmable recessed lights in the kitchen were on full blast along with the light above the stove. The sudden brightness hurt my eyes and I squinted as I walked into the kitchen. “You’re up early,” daddy said. “And you look like you’ve been crying.”
For some reason I found it difficult to make eye contact with him, as if I were ashamed of myself. Yet I forced myself to express my emotions openly and honestly, I knew it was for the best. “I feel guilty… you know… about mom. I feel like we cheated on her.”
Daddy was standing over the frying pan and he chuckled, “Trust me. You don’t need to.” I looked at him puzzled and confused. He answered before I could ask, “I suppose you’ve never figured out that she and I have an open marriage.”
“You mean…”
“…we fuck other people,” he finished as he flipped his omelet. “We have for years now, ever since we moved into this house. I’m surprised you never figured it out on your own.”
A smile came to my face, astounded though very relieved. “Then why can’t we tell her?”
“She’s… She wouldn’t like it. Aside from our open marriage, she is very traditional when it comes to sex. Anything out of the ordinary…” He looked at me, “Well you get the point. Besides, one of the ground rules your mother wants is that neither of us is to speak to each other about their dates in anyway.”
I tried to piece it all together in my head. Most Friday nights my father goes out for guy’s night out and most Saturday nights my mother goes out for ladies night out. They always get home so late. Mom is always coming home late from work too. She must be doing some guy there. How could I have known unless they admitted it? Hmph… The phone calls, men calling for my mother, women for my father, never the other way around. He’s right. I should have noticed that. I must have been too absorbed in…
“Do you have any other regrets,” daddy asked startling me out of my thoughts.
“Regrets, about what we did?” Daddy had to reiterate.
A grin found its way to my face and I answered, “No way! Are you kidding? It was amaizing! I’ve never had that happen before.”
With a confident smirk daddy said, “I noticed,” as he plopped his omelet onto a plate and sat at the table he fucked me on the evening before.
He began to eat and I felt like the conversation was at an end even though there seemed to be so much more we should be talking about. I sipped my water and stared at him. Finally I said, “I should go shower before mom gets up. I stink thanks to you.”
“I noticed that too,” He replied, “even over these eggs. Come here.”
I sauntered across the kitchen swaying my hips sexily. I could suddenly sense a building sexual energy between us as the seconds passed. When I got close enough he ran his hand up my thigh and shoved his middle finger between my lips and hooked it inside me. He twisted it and then pulled it out. Finally he brought it to my mouth. I parted my lips just enough to accept his finger. “Mmm,” I moaned as I tasted the mustiness of my used unwashed cunt.
“Good girl,” daddy commented, “Now drop the robe.”
“What about mom,” I questioned. “I thought you wanted to keep a low profile?” My voice sounded condescending and patronizing, a natural reaction to my father’s misgivings throughout the years.
So I was surprised when his hand met my face in an audible ‘SMACK’. It was hard enough that I felt it sting, but not so hard that it would leave a mark, I knew. The sly smile wiped clean off my face yet a tingle of excitement birthed and grew in my genitals. Quickly I untied my robe and let it drop to the floor while daddy lectured me with power and dominance in a loving way. “Did I fucking ask you what you thought? No. When I want your thoughts I will ask. I can see you will need some discipline if we’re to continue.”
I just stood there naked, moisture beginning to develop in my crotch. “You look hot,” daddy said after another bite of his omelet and sip of his water clouded with creatine, glutamine, and other powdered amino acids.
“I just woke up. I look like shit.” My contradiction of his compliment resulted in another lashing, a backhand to my small tit. His fingers snapping with a flick of his wrist like a snake biting its victim. So fast! This time the sting was stronger yet more isolated, and it took everything I had not to scream out in pain. A simple grunt and wince were all that escaped me.
Despite my disobedience daddy explained his thought process, “You see I know that it is what I did to you that makes you look, and smell, so… disheveled. So therefore, in my opinion, you look hot. So next time a simple ‘thank you’ would suffice. Do you understand?”
I nodded and daddy said, “I can see you but I want to hear you.”
“Yes,” I muttered barely above a whisper.
“Yes who,” daddy commanded.
“Yes daddy,” I replied with more volume and conviction.
Daddy smiled, “Good girl! See your learning.”
He paused to take a bite of his breakfast and I couldn’t help but notice how horny I had become. Why do I enjoy this? I asked myself. I was baffled.
“Now turn around for me, slowly, so I can see you.” His instructions came in a domineering fashion and I found myself exhilarated to follow this simple command without question or resistance. Daddy continued to instruct me into poses so he could drink in the sight of his daughter while he ate. They were simple commands like, “bend over,” and “put one foot up on the chair.”
After daddy finished eating he reached out and slipped a finger into my bald pussy. It was very slick and his finger glided into me with almost no effort. Then he slid his palms over my inner thighs. Noticing the juice that had dripped down my legs he realized how very aroused I had become while posing and obeying his commands. “You really like this, don’t you?”
“Yes daddy,” I murmured with a blush and smile of mild embarrassment.
“Me too,” he said. “However, I still feel guilty. The University of Florida is too far away for a pregnant girl. I wouldn’t want to deprive you of that experience unless you really wanted it. With that being said, I’ll give you till the end of your next period to decide if this is what you truly want. If you decide you want to stop our special relationship all you need to do is say so and you can go away to college. However know that if you decide to continue with me, you will be mine. Maybe you could go part time to a local community college, but most likely I’ll want to keep you around as my own personal… ‘Fuck Toy’, as you so poignantly put it yesterday. Understand?”
The sudden topic change took me off guard. “Yes daddy, but… Um… May I please ask you a question?” I tried to be as meek and submissive as I could. Based on the smile that grew on daddy’s face I think I was successful.
“You may.”
I forced the pitch of my voice to go up as if I were young and stupid, an act, but one my daddy seemed to enjoy. “What if I don’t get pregnant?”
Daddy smiled and said, “Should you decide to stay home, it’s not a matter of if you get pregnant, it’s a matter of when.” Daddy paused a moment then added, “I’ve also been thinking about some of the things we said in the heat of the moment yesterday. It’s probably a bad idea to have you go around fucking every guy I know like I had originally wanted. It’s too risky. I think word will eventually get out about us.”
I was secretly relieved. Some of the men my father worked with were especially gross, repulsive even, smelly fat old men who do little more than drink, smoke and eat their way through life. Fat I could deal with, Old I could do too, but I’m straightedge and the combination of smoke, alcohol breath and body odor completely repulse me. Though I would have to go through with it, if that’s what daddy wanted, I was glad he changed his mind. Not that I was presently in any condition to be criticizing someone else’s odors.
“I was thinking instead,” He continued, “that I completely trust Jerome and Danny. I’ve known them since we were in first grade together. I think they’re the only people I could trust with our secret. I just think it would be so much more fun if I could watch them fuck you and maybe even participate, rather than just hearing about it from you. Of course you would have to seduce and fuck them before I tell them about us.”
I had to ask, “Can I tell…”
“No!” Daddy sounded adamant, “Your friends can NOT be trusted. Jerome and Danny are married with kids of their own. Once you fuck them, they won’t reveal our secret because they have too much to lose. Your friends, no matter how close you think they are, will blab all over town about us. Because that’s what teenagers do and we have nothing to hold over their heads that would force them into secrecy. Understand?”
“Yes daddy.” I understood, but it didn’t make me feel any better. I only had one really close friend. The rest of the girls I knew were more like acquaintances, girls I gossiped with in the halls or at parties. I would never tell them anyway. On the positive side, Jerome and Danny were very handsome.
“Good girl,” he commented then pulled down his charcoal grey sweat pants and said, “Now suck my cock.”
My voice sounded whiney, childish, spoiled. “Right here? Can’t we at least go to a different room? I’m so tired of the kitchen.” I knew I was in for some punishment the instant I finished speaking. The words just came out unbidden from years of getting what I wanted from daddy.
Daddy tightly grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me into the living room all the while he said, “You want a different fucking room, cunt! I’ll give you a different fucking room!” He threw me onto the living room loveseat, a dark brown microfiber that looked like leather and felt like velvet. It was opposite the large plasma TV that hung on the pale beige wall. To either side were matching recliners with a dark wood coffee table in the middle. Behind the loveseat was the entrance to our home, a closet set into the wall with sliding slatted doors and the stairway leading to my room. “Stay,” daddy instructed with his temper flaring as he went back into the kitchen. I was half tempted to run to my room and lock the door since I felt especially scared of the way daddy was acting. Instead I sat squirming, too curious and aroused. The kitchen and dining room entrances took up most of the wall space to the right of the loveseat and a large bay window to the left. The room was bright with the morning sun filtering through the maple tree across the street.
Daddy came back in, naked from the hips down and his cock raging hard. He had a large wide cooking pot in his hand which left me dumbfounded. He placed the pot on the floor at the foot of the loveseat then he removed his shirt. When he lifted me up and turned me upside down like a ragdoll I was beginning to get an idea of what he had planned for me. My head was hanging off the edge of the couch and my messy hair falling into the pot.
“Open your mouth,” he demanded gruff and rampant.
I did exactly that, making a ring with my lips covering my teeth. Before I knew it daddy’s cock was stretching my throat making me gag and unable to breath. My body instantly convulsed as it tried to vomit, but daddy had me so plugged up nothing was able to escape. It was only when he retracted his cock a little that it came out my nose. Mostly water and a little bile ran over my tightly shut eyes through my hair and into the pot. He began to fuck my face, hard. I couldn’t do anything except take it. His balls, wet and slimy form my vomit, slapped against my eyes and nose. It hurt and I did not enjoy it, until his fingers were poking at my g-spot. It was too late though, I was feeling light headed, I passed out before I could orgasm. The last thing I remember was daddy telling me, “Make a straight line from your mouth all the way through your neck. It will make it easier.”
When I woke up I was lying on the couch looking at the maple tree across the street. Daddy was leaning over me naked lightly slapping my face and saying my name. “Abby! Abigail! Abby wake up!” I could see concern on his face. I must have been out for a while, long enough for him to finish himself off before reviving me because I could taste his cum in the back of my throat and on my tongue, but the bulk of it was in my nose. I snorted inward through my nose and swallowed it. The overall sensation I was experiencing was euphoric, an odd oxymoronic mix of adrenaline, arousal and relaxation. I could see relief wash over daddies face when my hand went straight to my pussy and began to rub it. I could tell he was genuinely worried that he had taken it too far.
“How long was I out?” My voice was hoarse and raspy.
Quickly returning to his dominant sadist self he answered, “A minute, maybe less. I started cumming just as you went limp. You woke up quick enough when I finished and laid you down.” He paused a minute, looking over my naked used body. I was playing with my clit trying to bring myself to orgasm. “Stop,” he suddenly commanded. I was confused because I didn’t fully understand what he meant. So he slapped me hard across my face, “Stop I said!”
The sting sent tendrils of arousal floating from my face to my groin only heightening my excitement. I realized he wanted me to stop masturbating, but I deliberately didn’t. I was testing both my daddy and myself. I wanted to see what he would do if I defied him and I also wanted to see how much I could take. It turned me on knowing that he was going to punish me.
This time he grabbed my hands and pinned them over my head as he slapped me once again. My pelvis thrust wildly into the air searching for its lost stimulant. With a finger pointing into my face daddy said, “You’re not allowed to make yourself cum anymore. Furthermore, you are only allowed to cum when I allow it. Do you understand?”
I did understand but all I could do was beg, “Please!”
“No! Not now. Get this mess and yourself clean before your mother wakes up. She was out late last night so you probably still have a couple hours. I want this couch looking like new and I want you to look like nothing ever happened. You will also clean up my breakfast and do my laundry today. Maybe later, if your mothers not around and you’re a good girl and do all your chores, I will give you an orgasm.” After daddy finish speaking he pulled me up to a standing position by my hair and went to the master bathroom in his bedroom to take a shower himself. I did as I was told.

Punishment For my Indiscretions – Anal Alexandria


Call me Toll Free 855-909-9441
EXT: 100

Damn, I always forget to call you master. Now I am trouble and facing punishment, again. I am on my knees on the floor, palms up on my thighs, eyes down. Naked except for my heavy collar. You have the crop in your hands and are slowly circling me. It feels like the silence has been going on forever.
Every time I feel you make a quick movement I flinch. Is it that crop coming down to strike my skin? Is it your hand slapping on your hand print? Is it a gentle caress? You love to keep me off balance. You grow a little harder every time I flinch. You have The Power, and you are going to use it and me.
“Do you like being in trouble?” You ask.
I shake my head no. It is always hard to get words out when I am being disciplined.
“Then why can’t you remember to use a simple word in every sentence?” You ask.
I shake my head again.
I don’t like it when I have earned “correction” as you call it. We both know that it is really punishment. It turns you on that I submit to the pain and humiliation of being punished by my master.
The crop comes down hard on my right breast. I gasp.
Then I remember what I am supposed to say “Thank you Master, May I have another?”
We repeat this on my left breast. You reach down and pinch my hard right nipple and pull. Whack, another strike to the breast with the crop. I gasp. There is pain with the strike; additional pain as my nipple tries to escape your grasp.
“Who am I too you Slut?” You say in a loud voice.
I know what you want “master” I whisper.
“WHO?” He yells.
“Master” I say a little louder.
“Who is your Master?” you ask
“Mine, Master” I say trying not to whisper.
You start circling again. I hate this; I know the pain to come, because you never do something to one breast and not the other. You reach out and gently caress my breast, chuckling at the startled flinch. I lean slightly into your caress. The caress turns to a nipple pinch and sharp pain as the crop comes down. You back up to admire the marks on my breasts. Your dick grows harder as you think how on edge I am.
You stand behind me and tell me to get up all the way up on my knees. You push my back gently, I know what you want and get on my hands and knees. You tell me to stretch my arms and put my hands together, so my head is resting on the ground and my ass is high in the air. I know my ass is about to get whipped hard. You place a rope in my hands, not tying it, just wrapping it in my hands.
The crop comes down hard on my ass.
My eyes fill with tears, and I clasp the rope and repeat what I have to say “Thank you master, may I have another”.
The crop comes down again on the other side.
“Thank you master, may I have another.” I say through gritted teeth.
You whip each ass check 3 more times in different spots.
“My slut has big red welts on her ass. I am getting rock hard, so we will move on to the next part of your punishment.” You say.
You kneel down behind me, and slowly press the head of your pre-cum soaked cock to my ass hole. You thrust in.
“Please master, more!” I scream.
I love having your cock buried deep inside of my ass. You give 5 or 6 more thrusts and I am wiggling in pleasure pushing back with your thrusts. You pull out.
You lean over and pull my head back by my hair, put your mouth next to my ear and tell me to stay in this position and not to move. Keep my head and eyes on the floor, you are gone. For a bit I can hear you move around, then nothing but silence.
Suddenly your cock is in my ass again as you ram into me. My head is pushed deep into the carpet, a few more thrusts and then you are gone. I try my best to watch where you go but my sight is limited. Silence, and more silence. The minutes tick by and I start to feel uncomfortable in this room, my naked ass in the air. I shift a little. The crop comes down hard on my ass, my eyes well up with tears.
Again silence. My ass burns where the crop has stuck. I am growing anxious, I want to shift my legs but dare not for fear that the crop will come down.
Your cock pushes into my ass again, you thrust hard burying it into my ass. I moan in pleasure as I start to thrust back with you. We thrust together, harder and faster, the rhythm getting more intense until you push your cock deep inside of me and start to cum. I feel every pulse of your cock as you cum goes deep. When you are finished, I move my hips wanting my own orgasm. You pull out and tell me to stay perfectly still until you release me.
The cum starts running down my leg as you walk away. I realize that there will be no orgasm for me. You are the master.

Mommy Keisha

OMG your Jacking off again? I’m going to have to teach you a lesson today. You see, Im tired of you always jerking off and leaving me hanging with no sex besides my vibe. From now on no more pussy for you. You can’t handle it cause you need your hand. Stand there and stroke that cock. No Cumming you weasle! Look at this hot pussy you use to slide that cock into and now your just a masturbator! I love abusing you wish we would have done this when I first met you.
But you were worthy then, now your cock is loosing it’s stability, so you wank in darkness and you have to be put in your place! I wanted to see you cumming that time but you couldn’t work it up. Pity pity.. Maybe we should lock up that cock and Mom will control it. I demand you see your doctor for some little blue pills and when you take them daily, with that cage on, your gonna feel so much pain!


A Loving Dom and His Taking of a New Sub

Master: Just locked my office door…My cock is in my hand…throbbing for you Princess. Stand in the corner and watch how hard you made Daddy. ..long slow strokes with my hand. Undress for me, right now…everything.

Alexandria:I stand in the corner and begin to remove my top. once it hits the floor I reach behind and unsnap my bra as the straps slide down my arms and it falls to the floor beside my shirt.
I cant take my eyes off of you… my pulse is racing and I can feel my pussy getting wet against my freshly shaved lips. I begin to slide my skirt down over my hips and let it fall as I step out of it. My panties slide over my hips and down my thighs following my skirt as I step out of my shoes and begin removing my stockings.

Master: That’s very nice baby. ..I feel my cock pulse on my hand as I watch your beautiful body come into view…pre cum drooling from the head as you watch me stroke for you. ..You made daddy want you badly Princess, so very badly. your hands up your body and pull on your perfect nipples for me…Daddy wants you to be nice and wet for the pounding you’re going to get baby

Alexandria: Mmmmm Wanting to taste the precum, I begin to slide my hands up my tummy and reaching the bottom of my round tits, I place my thumb and first finger on my rock hard, aching nipples and begin to pull them softly. A soft moan escapes my lips as I look at you. Something Ive never felt before coming up inside of me… almost a trust Ive never felt for anyone.

Master: I’m here Princess, and your safe. Daddy will take care of everything. ..dammit baby, I love watching you play with your breasts. ..makes me want you so badly. ..get on your knees and crawl over here…make sure your sexy ass is up in the air…look me in the eyes when you do and I might feed you my cock. ..

Alexandria: Sliding down to the floor, I arch my back and to crawl slowly. Its all I can do not to run to you. Its hard for me to control myself and to remember I am not the one in control now.
Looking into your eyes, I am sure you can see my hunger for you. I blush slightly but Im so hot and wet it passes quickly. My ass pushed proudly up in the air for you Daddy. My body aching for your touch.
Crawling like a cat, ready to pounce… I finally reach you and wait for more instruction.

Master: That’s absolutely right Princess. are not in control. I own this moment, right now I own you. As you begin your sexy crawl over to me, I stand up with my hand still fisting my cock for you…in your eyes, I see complete submission, and that makes me burn for you. I tell you to stop just out of mouths reach and tell you to open. I squeeze the head of my cock and feed you a single drop of my pre cum…swallow it.. Good girl…My hands tunnel into your beautiful hair and I pull your mouth towards me…open your mouth. ..I slowly begin to feed you…inch after inch, letting your mouth stretch out around me…once the head is down your throat I begin to fuck your warm wet mouth…long slow strokes. ..princess…fuck you feel so good baby…My eyes wander down your back..over your hips and stop at your perfect ass, and my cock swells again in your mouth. ..

Alexandria: I taste your precum and feel it as it slides across my wet tongue and down my throat. Still looking into your eyes, I feel your hands in my hair as I feel the wetness between my soft thighs. Wondering how you are going to feel about how wet I get, how wet you make me, how it feels to submit to someone for the first time. I open my mouth and feel your cock head slide across my lips. As each inch goes into my mouth I burn deep into my soul for more. I feel you in my throat and as you start to slide in and out my body heats up even more. Knowing I am pleasing you is making me hotter than I ever thought possible. Feeling you throb inside of my throat, your tight balls against my chin…

Master: Princess….you are so good, so unbelievably good. Your mouth feels like it was made for me and I never want to stop…but…I can feel my balls tighten and I don’t want to finish until I show you what happens when you tease daddy…look at me…I slowly slide my cock out from your lips…stand up…when you do, I pull you over to my desk and bend you over it…I take some time admiring this view. ..stop squirming, right now…you’ll get daddy’s cock when daddy is ready, not one second before. I walk over to you and lightly run my fingers n over the back of your legs. ..up the inside of your thighs. .I can feel you trembling, wanting, needing. ..My eyes notice your soaked lips..I slowly run one finger up and down them. ..opening you…I find your throbbing button and begins to lightly circle it…do you think you deserve daddy’s cock Princess? Will you be a good girl for me?

Alexandria: I look up at you on your command. I feel you pulling out of my mouth and I am anxiously waiting to see what is coming next. Thinking to myself, I wonder if he can see how badly I want him, my nervousness and how scared I am that I am going to do something that will displease him.
Standing on command and bending over the desk as its cool presence rushes over my hot body, Hearing you tell me to stop squirming, I didnt even realize I was.. all I can think about is how good this feels, how right it is.. then I feel your touch. Trying not to move at all, finding it almost impossible to do… once your hand touches my hot, wet aching lips and your finger runs circles around my clit, I am lost… forever.
Hearing your voice excites my soul as you ask me if I deserve your cock.. I am not sure what to say. Afraid to open my mouth because I dont know what will come out of it… I nod my head as short quick moans escape my lips.

Master: That is exactly what I want to hear…you look so amazing, so beautiful waiting for me to own you my heart melts…no more talking, no more questions. I will take what is mine, what you so badly want to give. I stand behind you, one hand on your hips holding you still…the other on the base of my cock lining up against your wetness. more waiting, I want you. I snap my hips forward and bury myself in one motion…you feel amazing stretching out around me…I stay deep for a second, throbbing inside you, focusing myself towards owning you completely, marking you as mine. I begin to pound you hard and deep over and over…balls slapping against your clit. .so fucking good Princess. My free hand slowly slides up your back and grabs your hair, pulling just hard enough for you to understand that you are mine…over and over…sweat drips off my chest and onto your ass..Princess. ..fuck…

Alexandria: Feeling your hand on my hip, then your cock rubbing against my swollen lips my head is spinning and my body is reacting like Ive never experienced. I want you insi… then I feel you plow deep. My mind losing its train of thought and my body only feeling you stretch me wide open and plunging deep. Taking me for your own, giving you all that I am.
Loud moans coming from somewhere.. not even caring that its me. I cant think. All I can do is feel, feel you inside of me… pounding me… Your hand pulling my hair almost puts me over the edge. Your thighs pushing against mine with every stroke.
Knowing you own me now.. all of me.. I dont even dare to think of cumming until Im told too. Feeling it build more and more. Trying to remain still as you pound me from behind but I feel myself pushing back into you. Trying to think to keep myself in my place but a thought process is impossible…

Master: So perfect, such a good little princess. ..making Daddy so very happy baby…I can feel you milk my cock and it’s driving me crazy….I lean over you my weight pins you to the desk…My hips are moving on their own, just lost in my sweet baby…I growl into your ear that you are making daddy want to fill you, spray deeper that I ever have before, marking your pussy as mine. You will not cum before me, you will not cum after me. You may only cum with me, or not at all…do you understand baby? I’m so close as my cock just fucking pounds you…I’m going to count down from 10, and when I get to one I’m going to fill you up…do not disappoint me and cum before I get to one…10…9….8…7…6….

Alexandria: Feeling you pushing me against the desk, your hard throbbing cock so deep inside of me, unknowingly my hands are grabbing onto unknown objects and squeezing tightly. All I can feel is you, all I want is to please you. When you speak I am more lost than I have ever been before. I nod my head quickly to answer you, letting you know that I understand, not trusting myself to speak as if I even could for the loud moans filling my mouth and coming from my lips.
I can feel your cock getting harder, stretching me more, knowing your getting closer as you count. Im on edge, my whole body covered in anticipation and excitement. Nothing but pleasure covering me from head to toe. Its so hard to hold it… it seems your counting so slow.. Never wanting this to end but wanting to cum all over your hard throbbing cock… I softly softly smile as I am almost positive that I have pleased you and the thought puts me even closer to one of the biggest orgasms Ive ever felt building…




Financial Domme Stephanie

Well here you are again I see you have no choice. Did you got the money I asked for? GOOD! I am a Spoiled Financial Domme Seeking Moneyslaves: I am a demanding spoiled Bitch and you are a weak begging wallet. I demand complete control. I will own your mind, wallet and cock. Your job is to work hard and please me. Making me happy is your only goal in life. I am very self centered and I love living the good life. Both of our worlds will now revolve around me. I get so much pleasure from controlling your bank accounts and credit cards. Im sorry if all you get in return is humiliation, abused and degraded. You are nothing without me. I do prefer an already trained wallet but if you are new to this you need to be willing to do as I say, WHEN I say.

Here is whats going to happen. I am going to lock that dick up in a cage. You will crave my beautiful body.. you will want to fuck me but we both know that you get so excited, you cum and I never get pleased. I will be taking you to see a doctor for some pills and when you take them daily, with that cage on, your gonna feel so much pain! Locked up little dick trying to get hard and caged so it cant. It wont be long and with the help of the pills your dick will be worthless. It will get tired of trying. In about a year that dick will be so worthless it may as well not even be there. So it wont be. That’s right… The doctor you will be seeing is my lover. He will be removing that thing you use to pleasure yourself.

He will be moving in with us. You will be sleeping in the servant quarters. I fired them all. You will take care of the house, the gardens and work your ass off at your job. You will have your paychecks Direct deposited into my bank account and you will be signing over the house, all cars and everything you own to me. Then and only then will you be truly a real money Pig! No more cock, house or anything that is your own! No More control because it will be all mine.. EVERYTHING WILL BE MINE!

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Sexy Granny Stella

I’m Stella and being older I have a lot of class and know first hand what men want. I can offer almost anything you want. I dont look like most women my age. Ive always taken care of myself and my body comes first. My husband travels a lot and Im left at home alone. Sure it’s a great house but I have maids to take care of everything. So I dont have much left to do but find someone to play with. I can be Dominant.. and I love the financial Domme side. I dont need the money but I love when men give me their hard earned money and I just take it out and blow it. That gets my juices flowing! Or picture me in a hot teddy on my knees with your young cock deep in my throat. I love gagging on a hard cock. Call me up and lets see what kinda trouble you can get into with Granny.

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Dirty Mommy Kristy

What are you doing in here? Yeah, I’m naked.. aren’t I allowed to be in my own room? You know what I should call the police on you. Whats that? your sorry? Look at you.. your fly’s down, pervert. So lets see that dick I bet it’s hard! No fucking show it to me now! My name is Kristy and Im a very dirty woman.. Maybe you stumbled into the wrong room. You shouldn’t have been drinking so much. Your so small! very tiny dick. Oh my god is that cock wet? There Let Mommy help that poor lil’ cock. Spit on your dick as I blow on your shaft. Do you want me to suck it? Get on your knees and smell my pussy and stroke. Make Sure to catch the drip, i want you to rub it on my pussy. Pussy is all you think about yeah? Now lick the juices off you hand. You precum mixed with my pussy juices. Slide that very wet finger inside of my ass. I want you to pull it back out and taste it. Maybe we will have you taste your own ass soon. Dial my number.. Lets play!

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Insatiable Mommy Amber

My name is Amber and I am the Mommy of your dreams. I love my little boys. When my sons friends come over I wear the skimpiest clothing I can find. This picture was actually taken by my son beside of our pool. he loves his naughty Mommy. I am very voyeuristic and love showing off in public or to anyone. I think I look damn good and I know I get enough stares and people (Yes, even girls) are always hitting on me. I love sex of all kinds and my husband cant keep up with me. He tries but I am just too much. I wake up in the morning horny and I stay that way all day long and when I go to bed at night, I make sure to bring my favorite toys. Even when my husband fucks me I still have to have more before I can even go to sleep. If you dream of a woman that cant get enough, you’ve found her. Call the number, ask for Amber. Let me give you all you can handle and more.

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CBT Heather

Im Mommy Heather and your right on time! I see your so excited to be controlled. Take off all your clothes. You will need box of q-tips and something to tie your ball up with! Thats it get it rock solid for your secret Mommy. Keep jerking! I was shopping with your wife today she told me all about how you and she just don’t spend that much time together anymore… I told you she could hang out with you and as long as you don’t have any sex. All that cum inside your balls Oh sweet misery. Now tie your balls up real tight with whatever you got. Yes let them balls hang helplessly as the excitement builds. Teasing you, Dening you, Making your cum build! Theres so much cum! But you do as I say, because you know there may be a pot of gold cum at the end of the rainbow… Oh god it turns me on watching you squrim my lil blue balled pet. Those balls so puffy and blue, poor wank slave. Look at the tip of your cock, is it wet? Yes Ohh yea baby! Now place your balls on a hard surface and hit them 10 times. Go on you must do it I rule your life, I know everything. Pick up the phone, dial the number and get on the phone with me! I want you to keep hitting your balls until the dispatcher gets you on the phone with me!




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Granny Fun!

I am Granny Martha. its great to be here boys! I Love to show off my big titties and fat ass. Granny loves to rub that hard cock in between them as I bend to take that fat head in my mouth. See Im going on 70 years old and as an older woman I know what I want and that’s lots of hot cock! I know you have noticed my large breasts. They are useful for lots of different things and all the guys love them. I can lose a cock in my cleavage for days! Im very nasty but I believe if you want something theres is only one way to get it and thats to go for it. Sure I love younger men, but basically I love any type of man. When I party I do it right! Come on over and lets indulge in some natural herbs and some good rum. we will get wasted out of our minds and have a fuckfest you’ll never forget! Thats right, granny likes the fun things in life! A good high and a great lay! last week my grandson came for a visit. I dont see him often since he went to college but its always great when he stops by. I have a “special” relationship with him and his brother and always have. I give them lots of “LOVE” if you know what I mean. Ill never forget the first time. I was watching the kids while their parents went away for a weekend. I had made them some “special” brownies and they loved them. but after we ate the whole pan, (They REALLY liked them) we found ourselves in front of the tv and Granny had her usual rum and coke… after a few drinks I saw one of the boys starring at my big tits. I asked him if he would like to see them. Both boys jumped to their feet and I had never seen them so excited. When I pulled them out of my bra, both boys eyes were about to pop out of their heads! Then they asked if they could touch them and oof course I agreed. I also had a great relationship with my son but since he got married we kind of drifted apart. We wound up, all 3 of us naked and me letting them touch and do whatever they wanted to Granny. It was the beginning of a beautiful thing. Check out my blog for more pics of Granny and call me up!



Incest Teen Sasha

Hey Guys! I have been sitting here tonight in between steamy phonesex sessions, thinking about how Im such a little teen tease! There is nothing like good ol’ Daddy-Daughter incest fun! I think it is so erotic and naughty! My Daddy loves it when I am a little cock tease, dancing around the house in my tiny bikinis. Even when Mommy is home I can see him getting a boner as I sit close to him and he reaches acros me to get something from the table and brushes my tits. The best times we have is when my mom is out of town on business. I get to sleep in the bed with Daddy! And for some reason I can’t keep his cock out of my mouth!!! Yes you read right. I am a Mom also. See Daddy dont like to use protection. He always tried and tried to get me pregnant. One day it happened. Mommy Dont know that my baby is also my sister. Daddy is determined that I have lots of his babies. He said one day they will have his babies also and if they are boys then he will teach them how to fuck me and my babies. I love the feeling of Daddies sperm inside of me growing into a life. I guarantee you will be like my Daddy and not able to keep me off your mind!




ABDL Mommy Cynthia

Want some candy little boy? Come on in the kitchen and let Mommy get you some warm milk. Oh what did you do? I think you need to be changed again too! Let Mommy get the diaper and powders. Lay across mommies lap and let me loosen that dirty diaper. Call me up.. Let me teach you how a Mom should be.

Slutty Mommy Lisa


Lisa is your mature slutty woman. Even though she never had kids she is old enough to be a mommy and wild enough to fulfill your sluttiest desires. Are you looking for a girl that will do anything? Well, thats Lisa. When she was a teenager she learned the meaning of a “good time” and those values has stuck with her throughout her adult years. She is fun, exciting and will take you to places you have only dreamed about.



Mommy Michelle


My name is Mommy Michelle and I know how my darlings love my long red nails, the way the stockings look on my long legs and the fact that when I run those nails over the tip of your cock, you go insane with lust! I can see it in your eyes and the way the precum rushes out in an instant, It almost looks like you came! I saw the way your were sneaking around and watching me when I would paint my nails. I also saw the bulging hardness in your pants with each brush stroke of that magnificent color as it was applied. Your such a naughty boy and Mommy is going to have to take you into her world. Its time.. Call me.